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10 Best Home Remedies to Eliminate Bed Bugs

A contaminated house is a breeding ground for bed bugs. And, no matter how many times you clean the house, you can still come across bed bug infestation problems. This mainly happens because bed bugs get carried inside your house through bags, bed sheets, and even laundry. Even, unknowingly when you are moving from one place to another, you can get infected by a bed bug. So, Here we are going to explain Natural Bed Bugs Killer tips.

Moreover, the hot-humid climate of Dubai is more prone to pests like bed bugs. They require constant blood, sweat, carbon-di-oxide, and body warmth of the humans to sustain in the long run. That is the prime reason why they keep on coming right eliminating them. 

Bed Bugs are one of the peskiest pests that can invade your house. It takes a lot of time to completely remove them. And, once the bed bugs get into your house, they can cause severe property damage. Along with it, they are the carrier of hazardous health disease including skin infections. 

You must be trying some DIY methods, but failed. In order to prevent the bed bug invasion, it is important to avail professional assistance from the leading pest Control Dubai. 

However, you can even eradicate them from your house for the time being with an expert guide. There are several home remedies that will naturally kill bed bugs. You just need to know about these useful products. So, try these effective remedies. 

Signs of Bed Bugs

Before you try any of the home remedies to prevent the bed bug invasion, it is important to acknowledge the problems they cause. Because, without knowing the signs of bed bugs, applying these home remedies will be a total waste. So, here are some of the major signs of bed bugs infestation:


  • Itchy red spots on the skin 
  • Frequent bed bug bites
  • Musty Odor from the bedsheets, bed cover, or pillow covers
  • Bloodstains on the Sheets
  • Rust-colored spots on the mattress
  • Dark Spots on the wall
  • White Spots on the Furniture


These are some of the clear indicators of bed bugs that should not be avoided by the homeowners. Contact with the pest control Dubai whenever you see any of these signs. Because these bed bug services have equipped the best bed bugs killer specialists who can put an end to all your pests problems.

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Best Suggested Home Remedies 

Whenever you locate a bed bug, use these natural remedies to limit their number. Moreover, you get a wide range of organic options to choose for high-end pest treatment. These pest control treatments do not contain any chemicals and are environment-friendly. So, avoid using the harmful pesticides, and start using these natural Bed Bugs Killer products.

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Tea Tree Oil

When it comes to completely eliminate bed bugs, tea tree oil is the best solution one can opt for. Moreover, essential oils are one of the most suitable and organic ways to deal with the pest, including bed bugs. It contains antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that can efficiently break apart the cells of the bed bugs. As a result, the bed bugs will ultimately die. So, bring this product now, and don’t forget to shake the bottle before applying it. 

Baking Soda

Are you struggling with frequent bed bugs problems? Then, it’s high time to sprinkle an ample amount of baking soda on the suspected areas of your house. Moreover, it is one of the safest ways to eliminate bed bugs. Baking soda mainly extracts the moisture from the bedbug bodies and which causes their death. It is suggested to repeat the process until you get no sign of bed bugs. 

Diatomaceous Earth

This is one of the most needed and best bed bugs killer products that every homeowner should have in their house. Diatomaceous Earth is mainly a sand-type pest killing product that is extremely helpful for the bed bugs. All you need to do is, sprinkle the powder near the bug-infested areas, that’s it!


After implementing the home remedies, it is quite essential to remove the eggshells and bed bug bodies. And, that is why, you will need to vacuum the mattress circuit board, baseboard cupboards, and even the picture frames. Alongside, vacuuming the electrical switch plates, furniture crevices and the small cracks and gaps of your house is also essential.

Cayenne Pepper

Well, this product does not fall under those natural bed bugs killer categories. But, it can prevent the bed bugs from resurfacing. This pepper causes extreme irritation in the bodies of the bed bugs. And, in certain cases, they might even die because of excessive suffocation. Use the mixture of the water and Cayenne Pepper, especially on the mattress. This will minimize the risk of getting infected by this creature. 

Clove Oil

Another best bed bugs killer product is Clove oil. And, this essential oil is mainly known for containing useful insect repelling properties. It’s high acidic pH level and pungent smell effectively work on the pests including bed bugs. Just one teaspoon of clove oil is enough to eliminate all the bed bugs from your home. So, add this essential oil with water and see the magic in just seconds. 

Hydrogen Peroxide

This is the most used natural bed bugs killer which is suggested by the renowned pest Control Dubai companies. The bed bugs service experts mainly use this because of its highly effective bleaching properties. So, go to your nearby pest control shops and buy it now. 

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The best thing about thyme is that it is one of the best pest killing product when it comes to 

productive pest treatment. And, with the help of this product, you can repel the bed bugs and locate their hidden areas of infestation with ease. Once you figure out the infected areas, put a stick of thyme over there, and burn it. That will be enough to win the battle against the bed bugs. 


Yes! Vinegar is another effective home remedy that must be implemented by the one who is suffering from pest problems. You can even apply the undiluted vinegar on the furniture and the suspected cracks, holes, and crevices of your house. Make sure, you have vacuumed these areas, after using the vinegar. 

Steam Treatment

The bodies of the bed bugs cannot tolerate extreme heat. So, a stream treatment is highly recommended eliminating the bugs. So, apply it on the carpet, mattress, or pillows simply in the infested areas. That’s all you need to do. 

So, Apply it Now!

Even, you can apply essential oil sprays, bean leaves, cinnamon, and bleach. So, choose your convenient remedy and remove the bed bugs now. However, you must always remember that these hacks are temporary if you want a permanent solution then join with the reputable Pest Control Dubai, avail Bed Bugs Service and exterminate the bed bugs now and forever.