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Bed Bugs in Dubai: Essential Tips on Infestation Prevention

Bed bugs are small insects that are typically common in the majority of houses in Dubai. They reside in beds, sofas, and carpets and tend to breed at an increasingly rapid rate. In order to grow and breed, bed bugs require blood as their meal for surviving. That being said, bed bugs don’t spare you or your pets. 

So, you may be, you are wondering how they originate? Well, bed bugs are also known as hitchhikers. This implies that they can transmit from various objects like briefcases, suitcases, shoes, clothes, bedsheets, and many other things. Wherever these objects go, Bed bugs keep transmitting and thus they invade. 

Bed Bugs Identification

Despite the fact that bed bugs are tiny and can go unnoticed, there are still chances in identifying them. Bed bug are typically oval-shaped with an approximate size of ¼ inch long. It consists of 6 legs and looks swollen after feeding. They are red-brown coloured with 2 antennas. However, bed bugs are wingless insects, so they cannot fly. 

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

So, how to get rid of bed bug? Having to find out that you have bed bugs can be very stressful. Also, it can be harmful to your health and for your pets, as they carry tons of germs that can cause skin irritation and rashes. If you’ve seen a bed bug, then there is a strong possibility of an infestation that requires professional help. 

Getting a pest control service at this point might be effective as the usage of pest control products and chemicals can show an effective result. But, even then, if you’re wondering how to get rid of bed bugs, you can try keeping the bedsheets, linens, carpest, and mattresses cleaned regularly. Use vacuum and proper hot water washing for all the objects near the bed. 

How to Kill Bed Bugs Effectively?

So, how to kill bed bug? Killing bed bugs can be tricky. You may think you’ve cleaned one area but after a few days, you see them again. This is because bed bugs keep multiplying from time to time in larger amounts. 

Also, there’s always a chance you may have missed one or two. For effective removal, and if you want to know how to kill bed bugs naturally, then put all personal items in a plastic bag, such as blankets, stuffed toys, as well as electronics. Take them elsewhere and vacuum them. 

Consider vacuuming all the furniture in the room. It can be time-consuming but it’s important to do so. Inspect all the corners of the furniture to spot any remaining ones. Make sure you pull the furniture away from the wall and vacuum them. 

Use chemical sprays to scrub and wipe them too. But, be aware, not to use a brush as they can easily transfer the bed bugs to another place. Instead, do it with patience

Now, for the floor and corners, dismantle all the furniture in the room so that you can reach the tough spots. Use professional products to scrubs and mop the floor. If all these seem to be quite a hassle, then you should seek professional assistance, who has in-depth knowledge on how to deal with these pesky issues and bed bug prevention

How to Remove Bed Bugs Naturally?

If you’re looking for tips on how to remove bed bug naturally, then vacuuming sheets, furniture, and other objects can prove to be a useful way-out. Steam cleaning on clothes, rugs, and carpets, washing them with treated chemicals, rubbing alcohol and spraying on objects, or using baking soda to wash clothes, can be effective for bed bug prevention

You can also attach double-sided tapes on the edges of furniture. So, when the bed bugs climb upon them, they’ll get stuck on the tape. Continue to do all of this until you see the results. 

Signs that You May Have Bed Bugs Infestation!

Spotting Bed bugs can sometimes be difficult as they’re tiny. But, it is not impossible to notice them. They’re reddish-brown in colour and they live in bedsheets, furniture surfaces, and other objects. So, if you can spot one, consider that there is an infestation. 

If you find faecal spots on furniture and mattresses or even walls, then that might be a sign that there is an infestation of bed bug Dubai. Besides that, one common sign is skin rash. Bed bug feed on blood hence they bite human bodies whenever around. If you wake up and find red patches in different parts of the body, then there is an infestation. 

Another indication of bed bug would be egg molt skins, their eggs in different places. These are visible to the human eye so you’d be able to notice them. 

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Bed Bugs Dubai

How to Remove Bed Bugs?

Keeping everything in the house clean, can effectively reduce the rate of bed bug breeding. Eventually, the infestation will cease to exist if you continue to clean bedsheets, carpets, mattresses, furniture, decoratives, for a longer period of time. But, despite the natural attempts if you are pondering over how to remove bed bugs Dubai, if you still see them, then getting professional pest control help would be helpful. 

Effective Bed Bug Killer

There are many products in the market that are effective as bed bug killers. These products contain a chemical that kills bed bugs. The most common form of bed bug killer would be the use of residual liquid, insecticide, aerosol, and products that can kill 95% of them. The application of these products is easy. All you need to do is spray on affected areas, like corners of the furniture, beds, cabinets, drawers, etc. 

Bed Bug Prevention!

You can save yourself from a bunch of bed bug ruining our house. The best way to do that is by following a strict guide on bed bug prevention. During an extermination period or while using bed bug killer, make sure you cover up areas that have holes as they might refuge there. 

Besides that, there are some other things that you can do that are mentioned below:

Bed Bug Home Remedy

Bed bug home remedy is easy to follow and requires fewer expenses. To make sure that bed bug are not breeding, keep your clothes in a sealed airtight place. This is essentially important if you’ve recently had a travel journey. Bed bug tend to transfer from one place to another via a suitcase, shoes, etc. 

If you have pets in the house, then it’s high time you give them a hot water bath and make sure they’re all groomed. That being said, inspect their bedding and food places and check for signs of its existence. Clean the place with proper disinfectant or bed bug killer

Always check the furniture for bed bugs in the corners and keep using the disinfectant spray from time to time so that they don’t breed. Keep curtains, bed linens, and clothes regularly washed to ensure a proper Bed bug home remedy

Also, make sure the bed is not stuck to the wall. If you keep a gap between the bed and the wall, then it’ll prevent bed bug from travelling from the wall to the mattress. Thus, it can reduce the rate of transmission. 

Bed Bugs Dubai

Bed bugs Dubai exist in many houses and can cause a lot of trouble if it’s left untreated. If you’re looking for ways to get rid of it, then go through all the aforementioned tips and guidelines to remove its existence. 


If the natural attempts fail, then you can always opt for effective and reliable pest control service in Dubai!