Bed bugs are small insects that are typically common in the majority of houses in Dubai. They reside in beds, sofas, and carpets and tend to breed at an increasingly rapid rate. In order to grow and breed, bed bugs require blood as their meal for surviving. That being said, bed bugs don’t spare you or your pets.

So, you may be, you are wondering how they originate? Well, bed bugs are also known as hitchhikers. This implies that they can transmit from various objects like briefcases, suitcases, shoes, clothes, bedsheets, and many other things. Wherever these objects go, Bed bugs keep transmitting and thus they invade.

Bed Bugs Identification

Despite the fact that bed bugs are tiny and can go unnoticed, there are still chances in identifying them. Bed bug are typically oval-shaped with an approximate size of ¼ inch long. It consists of 6 legs and looks swollen after feeding. They are red-brown coloured with 2 antennas. However, bed bugs are wingless insects, so they cannot fly.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

So, how to get rid of bed bug? Having to find out that you have bed bugs can be very stressful. Also, it can be harmful to your health and for your pets, as they carry tons of germs that can cause skin irritation and rashes. If you’ve seen a bed bug, then there is a strong possibility of an infestation that requires professional help.

Getting a pest control service at this point might be effective as the usage of pest control products and chemicals can show an effective result. But, even then, if you’re wondering how to get rid of bed bugs, you can try keeping the bedsheets, linens, carpest, and mattresses cleaned regularly. Use vacuum and proper hot water washing for all the objects near the bed.